flyfix. Fixing system

flyfix, the proven system for fixing safety bars and railings directly to the window frame.

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Safety bars and French balcony railings are essential in modern architecture. As anchoring in the brickwork often isn’t possible due to insulation, the railing has to be fixed directly to the window frame.

Up to now, the market did not offer a universal fixing system for plastic window profiles with and without steel, wood, and aluminum profiles. The flyfix system – the ideal solution!

The universal solution.

The flyfix fixing system by flymax is the universal solution for fixing safety bars and French balcony railings directly to the window frame – be it plastic (with or without steel), wood, or aluminum windows.

flyfix frame profile

flyfix is compatible with all common window systems, no matter whether with frame or post profiles made of plastic (with or without steel), wood, or aluminum.

flyfix post profile

Secure hold even in post/transom profiles.

flyfix. advantages

  • Fall protection suitable for all window types: Plastic (with/without steel), wood, or aluminum
  • Tested by IFBT in accordance with the ETP directive for fall protection
  • Made of V2A stainless steel
  • Standard dimensions for virtually all profile geometries, can be customized as needed
  • Available for frame and post/transom profiles
  • Assembly also possible with accessories such as blind rails
  • Integrated protection against manipulation
  • Easy fall protection mounting: insert and fixate
  • Retrofitting possible
  • Safety confirmed in independent testing

flyfix. mounting

  • Drill front (8 mm) and side hole (14.5 mm) (machining center or manually).
  • Insert flyfix (if necessary, use adapter disks) and align it. Make sure it projects over the back by at least 1 mm.
  • For post profiles, tighten the counter screw (tightening torque 2 NM).
  • Attach the component to be fixed with M8 screw/threaded rod with at least 9 rotations.
  • Insert and tighten the safety screw (tightening torque 3 NM). As a result, the M8 Screw/threaded rod is secured against unscrewing.

Fixing variants

flyfix is available in multiple variants and dimensions for every window system:

flyfix for frame profiles

flyfix R for frame profiles:

  • flyfix R 40/14
  • flyfix R 45/14
  • flyfix R 49/14
  • flyfix R 58/14
flyfix for post profiles

flyfix P for frame and post profiles:

  • flyfix P 38/19
  • flyfix P 44/22
  • flyfix P 56/28
  • flyfix P 68/34

X and Y dimensions, flyfix R 40/14:
X dimension = total length of the bolt (without head), e.g. 40 mm
Y dimension = distance from the underside of the head to the center of the M8 thread, e.g. 14 mm

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